Why and how to pay attention to your child?


There is a time when your kids need more time and attention from you. When it comes to giving right attention to your kids, it’s not that easy as finding the right balance of every child is a challenge in itself. There is plenty of reason if your kid is behaving oddly or different. Give attention and pay attention to your child when you notice any changes in their life. Your child needs your time in this phase of life. Find out some of the factors from which you can find out that your child is getting too little attention from you.

1.     When they misbehave

When they misbehaveOne of the most important aspects to pay attention to your child is when they start misbehaving at situations. Getting angry, irritated doesn’t listen to you in any other situation shows that they are craving for the attention from you. You have to talk to them as what are the things bothering them and they are seeing every aspect in a negative way. Being mischievous and acting differently is two different things. Some kids are just natural mischievous but others do it for a different reason and this sign is one of them. So if you find your kids behaving odd, just sit with them and make them realize that you are always there to help. Have a word to make them feel better.

2.     They always look sad

They always look sadSeeing your child sad is very depressing for parents. Having a sad face can be the reason for many things going on in their mind. Focus on this aspect as what are the things making them sad and unhappy or something wrong with them or bothering them. Talking with them possibly can solve their problem and the way they look at things. If you feel still feel that there is no change in the behavior and you are not really sure about it, try to check with professional for help. But most of the time your time and love can do things for them.

For this, you can do other activity which can make them happy. Put a love note in their lunch box, or place a sticky note at their desk. This can be a reminder and sweet way to say you care and always there for them.

3.     They ask for help all the time

 They ask for help all the timeHave you ever noticed your child always asking for help a lot or just dependent on others for getting their work done work? The things which can do easily and perfectly, even for the smallest work, they consult for help and don’t do on its own. In this case, they definitely need your attention and some more quality time to discuss. Find out where they are getting stuck or how to finish their task on their own. Many of the times, kids have the fear that they might end up doing wrong even if they are right. You have to give your time and bring that confidence in them that trying is more important than winning. They can’t give up on things just for the fear of getting lost.

4.     Fear of sleeping alone

Fear-of-sleeping-aloneSome kids have fear of sleeping alone so they like to sleep with their parents. This could be a sign that they want your time and attention. Wanting to be physically close to their parents is not an issue, but make sure this kind of behavior doesn’t hinder in their sleeping pattern and create trouble in sleeping alone in the future. This can make them weak.  This sign completely shows that you are not giving them the right amount of time with you during the day and thus they are craving for it.

Spend time with them and always make them as your priority. Most of the time parents get indulged in their day to day problem and the kids get avoided which makes them irritated.  A small word of love, attention, and care is just enough to make them feel special. Sometimes action speaks louder than words. So you can make their favorite lunch, watch their favorite cartoon together or just sit beside them.

5.     They do things slowly in the morning

They do things slowly One of the interesting ways to find out about your kid’s behavior is when they started to do things slowly in the morning. This is just because lack of focus they are experiencing in their life. Lost in their own world sometimes shows the sign that they are not able to focus on the day to day things and activity. Kids sometimes never tell you that they need your time and attention; it’s the little you have to pay attention to your child. To break this, just take them away from their daily chores and spend some time outdoors. It can be a day out, dinner or you can also plan an activity or picnic. The idea here is spending time and giving them scope to pens themselves in front of you in a good way. This can help a lot in their personality.

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