How to discipline a child without yelling?


There are ample ways of disciplining your kids without having to yell at them or hit them. You don’t always have to think how to punish your child for bad behavior? In fact, there is hardly ever a need to raise your voice against your kids. While every individual will have a different perspective on this issue, one must never forget that your child is also a human being.

Nearly 20 years into the millennium, it is sad to even have to discuss this. However, it is about time that we flip the game. It is time that one reasoned with their child firmly; and make them understand the repercussions of their actions; rather than being severe with them or scolding them unnecessarily. So, how to discipline a child without yelling? Here is a list of reliable ways.   

Do Not Spank.

This is one of the first lessons in ‘how to discipline a child without yelling?’There are ways of teaching your child a lesson without being violent. In fact, truth be told, these lessons are probably more effective than scolding the child. Yes, everyone wants to discipline his or her children but logically speaking, your child is an individual. As audacious as it may sound, would you be schooled if someone spanked you? No, right? Well, then why do you think your child would understand anything because you spanked them. He or she is going to feel hurt and rebel, nothing more shall happen. It is therefore ideal to try styles and strategies that are more rational than this one.

Have a Debate (A logical one)

Yes, try and reason it out with them. Do not ‘parent’ them unless there is a hard need of it. Corporal punishment, spanking and verbal abuse are things that even child pediatricians do not recommend. Yet, a very large number of parents from across the world resort to these very means. It is true that it is one of the fastest ways of getting your child to behave; it is also the most ineffective one in the long run. In fact, it can lead to psychological issues among other things and hence, it would be ideal to not fall back upon these options. There’s more to good parenting than ‘how to punish your child for bad behavior?’

 Reconsider Behavioral Correction

discipline-a-child-Do you really have to correct all the behavior? Is it just your child not listening to you or is it a genuine problem? Ensure that you aren’t being a controlling individual in your child’s life. Thus, while one is constantly correcting their child’s behavior, it is also necessary to introspect yourself. Thus, take a firm look in the mirror because your children are at a delicate and innocent age and you might end up doing something that’s not really right for them. Moreover, the best way to get your child to behave is to behave yourself. They will look and learn.

Respect your Child’s Age

There is no one as young, gullible and innocent as children are. Therefore, while you are trying to discipline them; it is also ok to sometimes let them be. After all, they will never ever get to be children again and you might as well share these moments with them instead of bossing them around. Mostly, disciplining is about teaching children how to behave. What is better behavior than just being yourself. It is the most basic and the most humane behavior possible. Thus, the best thing you can do for your child is let them behave like they are ‘8’.

They are strong-willed and not stubborn


Strong-willed children are hard to parent but they’ll definitely grow up to be tough individuals who won’t take shit from anyone. Sure, they’ll be a challenge for you during their growing up years but all the hard work is going to be well worth it. With good parenting,these children are likely to develop the following traits –

  • Self-motivated
  • Intuitive
  • Go-getters
  • Uniqueness

As a parent, your role is not to turn them into meek individuals but to ensure that they don’t mistreat those around them. If too unsupervised, these kids can also turn into bullies and no parent wants their kid to become a bully.

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. 

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