Become a better parent by developing your parenting skills

Become a better parent

The toughest job in the world is to be a good parent who can effectively shape and prepare the child in a way that helps him not only in the present situation but also in future. It is not necessary to be a perfect person to raise a happy, healthy and brilliant child. No one in the universe can be perfect. What actually can be done is to give the best efforts in the best interest of the child. Parents are the first teachers and role models for a child. Thus, parents have to be effective and ethical while nurturing their child because when his base will be strong, their future will definitely be the strongest. Below mentioned are some tips on effective parenting skills.

Boosting the self esteem of child

self esteem of child

Children look at themselves through the eyes of their parents. From the very early age, it is very important to develop self-esteem in children so that they can feel proud of themselves. Self esteem is also necessary for a child’s growth. Small praising compliments can play a very big role in developing the inner confidence and the overall personality of the child. Do not ever compare your children with other ones. Always support them to take out their inner talents and uniqueness by praising and helping them.

Spend quality time with your child


It is again a very important thing to spend some quality time with your child and talk to them about the things they are happy for and things they are not able to handle. The schedules nowadays are extremely busy for everyone, but try your best to take our some hours in the whole day only and only for your children. Make it a habit to have the breakfast and dinner together where you can bond with your children very well. Children desperately want attention from their parents and this is really very important for their overall growth.

Be a good role model

good role model

Children reciprocate the traits they receive from their parents. Aggressive parents will raise aggressive kids and calm parents will raise the calm and cool ones. If you are by nature an aggressive person, work on yourself first. Whenever you are getting angry in front of your child, just try to control your emotion and think that what you will feel if your child behaves in the same way you are behaving now. Bring in yourself the change that you want to see in your child. Show them that you are honest, kind, friendly, respectful and cool. Try to be a very good role model in front of your kids and you will definitely love to see your kids behaving the exact sweet way you are behaving in front of them.

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