Being A Mom is Not A Job

Being a mother is a relationship, not a job

The statement love at first sight is true because every person on this earth has loved their mothers since their first sight. Recently in Manhattan, an open council meet was organized in which mothers participated at large. The conference or the open house discussion was held for discussing some important aspects of being a mother. While the conference was going on, an issue was raised by some of the mothers stating that being a mom is not a job. The expert panel discussed the important aspect of motherhood and stood to the mark that, one should not take the work of being a mother as a job as there are various important elements related to it.

Talking to some of the reporters available at the open house conference, many mothers stated that, there is no point in taking the work of being a mother as a job because it is the feelings and relationship, which is attached. Along with this, for clarifying their statement, they also stated that, one could not put on the work of a mother to any other person like the one you can do in jobs. In addition, the mothers who were keeping their point stated that, those who consider working as a mother is a job, they are those mothers who do not know how to handle the kids.

Points for making the statement stronger

Mothers who were supporting the fact the being a mother is not a job gave few other statements, which made their point clear and supportive. Below mentioned are those points.

One of the simple statements, which were given for supporting the words, was that, a mother is not getting a salary for being a mother so it is wrong to say the work of a mother is a job.

Another point, which was given, stated that, there is no certainty in jobs, but being a mother gives you the assurance of a lifetime.

It is love that builds the relationship and in return happiness is attained which is far more important that attaining any monitory benefits.

The expert comment

Considering this point, discussions have taken place on different platforms. The results, which were derived, stated that the work of being a mother is not a job was correct in every aspect. If you check online, you would be able to find different online forums in which this topic is being discussed and the verdict, which is being given, is in the favor of the point.



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