Boost your child’s height with these simple exercises

Hanging exercises

Your little baby has started to grow, but the pace of his growth seems to be a bit slow as compared to his friends. Somehow, he seems to be a bit short for a teenager of his age. While it is said that the growth rate is directly linked to the genetics, there are other external factors as well. Apart from adequate nutrition, there are a few exercises that can help your kid gain a few inches.

Kids are naturally energetic and are constantly looking for ways to put their energy to good use. They are constantly running around outdoors doing tons of stuff that gets them exhausted. Keeping their endurance level in mind, it won’t hurt if you give them a direction in terms of the exercises that can help them get taller.

Exercises suggested:


Blood Heart Circulation

It is one of the most basic forms of exercise for kids. It is simple to understand and easy to pull off. Ask your kid to stand up against the wall with his back turned towards the wall. Now instruct him to raise his hands and try to stretch as much as possible. Another way of stretching is by asking your kid to touch his toes while sitting. Stretching helps in increasing the blood circulation, balancing the metabolism rate, and in triggering the growth hormone.



The best way to exercise those muscles is by going for a good run every once in a while. Take your kid along with you for some fun filled activities such as bird-watching or for a game of badminton.

A game of Basketball:


It is one of the best games for giving a boost to your kid’s growth hormone. There is a reason why basketball players are taller than others.

Hanging exercises:

Hanging exercises

Hanging on the bars in the parks is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to straightening your child’s spine. Encourage him to perform a few push-ups every now and then.



Enroll your child for daily swimming lessons. It is by far the best exercise for charging up your kid’s vital organs. It helps in muscular development and most of all; he will feel pretty active and refreshed.

All the above exercises will definitely trigger the growth hormones in your child. While your kid regularly exercises, make sure you couple it with a proper balanced diet.

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