Effective parenting strategies for dealing with toddlers who can’t sleep

dealing with toddler

As a parent, you feel happy and successful when your child sleeps without any struggle on both yours and his/her part. But some toddlers have a difficult time sleeping at night. You have to set a regular schedule to help your child at least get into bed, whether he or she falls asleep or not. Here are a few other things you could do to help your child fall asleep:

Set a routine

dealing with toddler

Kids love routine, and a nighttime routine which is consistent helps children to expect bedtime at the same time every day, and know that he or she is supposed to sleep at that hour. Let them brush their teeth, wear their PJs and wash up and encourage them to do so at the same time every day.

Read a bedtime story

Reading to your kids every night at the same time can help your child fall asleep as he gradually gets used to the routine. It’s easier to get kids to get into and stay in bed with the lure of a story, especially as they feel close to you.

Make sure they’re not hungry

dealing with toddler

Toddlers are not able to express their hunger or thirst, but they do get cranky and start acting out, as they don’t know what’s bothering them. Offer a little warm milk or some snack, and if it relieves the hunger pangs they’ll sleep in no time.

No harsh words

Bedtime is not the time to scold or discipline your toddler, as it will only start a power game which you can’t win. Even though your patience might be running out, you have to maintain your composure, show that you are calm, and your toddler might become calm too. A tired toddler who is still hyper might follow your lead and gradually calm down and sleep. A soothing and affectionate behavior will get your better results than harsh words at bedtime.

Sing a lullaby

dealing with toddler

Why not sing a lullaby? You might have to sing for at least twenty times (!), before he sleeps, but this age old remedy never fails. Don’t sing any excitable songs, however, which might wake him / her up, and then you’d be in for another round of play, eat and sleep!

Make sure the room temperature is perfect – neither hot nor cold, and dress your toddler comfortably to induce sleep. Following these simple tips might help to put your toddler to sleep.

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