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about parents and parenting

According to Osho, parenting is an art which is extraordinary and very few people understand the concept of effective parenting and are capable of being the ideal parents which others often fail to be. Giving birth to a child is a natural and biological process which is done by animals also and they too feed their children effectively. The important and special thing about human beings is the effective parenting skills which are needed to raise the child in a special and unique way which also forms the base of a bright future of that child. The role of parents and their parenting is very important in the overall development of a child.

Views of Osho on intelligence of children


Every child is intelligent at birth. It is the society which makes way for him to be idiotic. The so called society does not allows any child to be intelligent but gradually makes him stupid by making him follow their set of rules and regulations and depriving them from being actually what they are. Right from the birth, they make the child follow their instructions, even they teach him the right way according to them to live and behave. They never allow the child to retain his originality and send him to schools, colleges and universities which further add them to the race of stupidity.

The reason behind ineffective parenting and cruelty of parents

goals for their child

The thing that prevents parents from being the capable ones is their unfulfilled desire, which they want to achieve through their children. Today’s parents want their children to live their dreams and work on their desires, ambitions and ideas, which were unfulfilled. They set some goals for their children just after their birth and push them towards that direction. They are so desperate that even the originality and interests of children are ignored.

Things to be kept in mind by the parents

children need love

Parents should grow out of parenthood once their children are grown up. They should learn to be friends with their children rather than behaving like mere instructors and planners for their future. Children should be loved and understood so that they can give a better future to the country as a whole. Just overloading them with the ideas of their parents will destroy them and their childhood. They need love in the same way as the elders need respect.

New age parenting for our new world

A new trend is overwhelming our idea of the way we think of and look at the entire act of rearing and nurturing a child. This trend diverts from our traditional concept of parenting as mother-centric, moralistic and somewhat sacred act of bringing up the child.

Reflecting this change are a multitude of terms and phrases expanding the parenting jargon as single parenting, co- parenting and surrogate parenting. To match with these changes of the new age, we need to refocus our idea from traditional parenting techniques to new age parenting.

New age challenges

The whole idea about new age parenting revolves around new challenges thrown before the society in a new socio- economic milieu. The cauldron of urban (city) life our children find themselves in subjects them to multiple pressures from the outside world and somewhat distressing attention of the parents at homes.

The overdose of knowledge and awareness about the world at a tender age; makes children perceptible of the world at an early age but with little emotional support to tide over. The parents too find themselves inadequately equipped and not sufficiently knowledgeable to cope with the challenges of the modern life. This often results in self-disdaining idea of either ‘over parenting’ or ‘poor parenting’ but not parenting satisfactorily enough.

Adolescence blues

The problems of parents accentuate as the child reaches his adolescence. Peer pressure, gender consciousness, parental control and aspirations, all bundle up on the child like a dead weight leading ultimately to parent- child conflict. The new age dresses, gizmos and jargon adopted by the children make little sense to most of the parents – it is as if their children have grown up into alien beings, someone who they do not understand at all.

The parents’ focus in leading their children to good comfortable white-collar jobs, in the process scuttles any initiative from their side. More the parents try to impose; the more children resist and desist thanks to rebellion inherent in age and air of freedom inherent in the modern city life style. This leads many a mammas into emotional tatters, wholly confused, bewildered and over worked when their children refuse to toe to their lines. No doubt a multi-billion parenting industry is thriving, thanks to the mostly unfound anxieties and fears of the parents.

Back to relearning

However, parenting is not an art to master or a science to understand. It is inherent in our genes and the parents can make it a happy living experience both for themselves and for the children. As parents of the new age, the biggest challenge we have is to unlearn what we learnt as children. The new age parenting is all about giving your child the space to be what they want to be. It is about being in control without going overboard with the Parental Control thing. The traditional idea of parenting as a stick wielding figure, ready to crack on any signs of disobedience, diversion and deviation is passing.

7 Parenting Tips For Raising Unspoiled, Thankful Children

Raising children is a very cautious process. What the child will become in the later part of her life depends on the childhood phase. Here are 7 parenting tips that will help you raise humble and thankful children.

Don’t Be Overprotective

Only when someone falls, he/she learns to rise. This applies equally to Falling, and learning to rise on their own is an important childhood lesson. Be present at the situation but let your children do the rising process on their own. Do give a little push if they’re stuck.

Encourage to Give a Meaning to Their Life

Many adults are confused as to what’s the greater thing to the life. It’s about giving it a meaning. Teaching children from an early age to find a meaning of life and to stick with it will help them stay away from undesired behaviours. Also, it will help them become more focused on doing things that will help them in addition to making them a cherished part of society.

Engage Them in Philanthropic Processes

Give away clothes and toys to underprivileged and make your children a part of the process. Let them see where their old toys and other belongings are going. Involve them in packing and delivering the goods.

Say No Often

Don’t always give/allow your children what they desire. This will help them to learn delayed gratification. Even if you are able to afford something your kids want, saying no often will help them control their desires.

Share Your Experiences

All those experiences that are funny or able to put up a message, you need to share them with your children. Doing so will not only help in making your bonding stronger with them, but it will also allow them to learn new and meaningful things.

Visit Relatives on Family Vacation

Take children to your relatives on a family occasion. This will help them become more social and understanding. It will give them a fair chance to make new friends and learn new things.

Write Thank You Cards

Teach your children to write thank you cards and notes often. This will help them to express feelings and thoughts easily. It will also help them to learn the important chapter of gratitude. Sit with them and join them in the thanksgiving process. 

Something to think about

New age parenting is not about ideal parenting but smart parenting. The idea is about being more a councillor to the child and acting as a friend, a teacher, a preceptor and a guide. It is also not about being with your child all the time. As a parent and adult, you need to know when it is the right time to leave your child alone and when you need to intervene. Childhood is the foundation of a life. So, make sure to teach all best that you’re capable of to your children.

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