Effective and intelligent use of time-outs when dealing with your children

Parenting is a tough job, and parents face many challenges while bringing up their children. It becomes tougher when children starts misbehaving with their elders and kicking and hitting other kids. It is the right time for teaching your kids a good lesson. Parents need to take certain steps to make sure that their kids do not behave this way in future.

behavior of child

With the effective use of time- outs, parents can change the behavior of their children. When your children start misbehaving, using time out technique can help. if you are not aware of this technique, here are few tips that can help in improving your knowledge on how to make kids behave properly.

Increase duration of time- in

Spending quality time

When your child will get no time for misbehaving with you or others, he will himself get better with the situation. Parents must increase the duration of time- in. Spending quality time with your kids will give them no chance to misbehave. Moreover, longer the time- in, more will be the time to enjoy with your kids. Rather than focusing on more time- outs, it is better to focus more on increasing the activities that can positively affect the mind of your child. Positive child will never misbehave and practice bad things in life.

Calm yourself


When you see your child is misbehaving, control your temper. Parents often get angry with their child that affects them negatively. Controlling anger at such time is tough, but the best option. Calming your angry mind will let you make better decisions and dealing with your child effectively. An angry mind will make a wrong decision, as the power to think at this time is very low.

Warn your child

Warn your child

Sometimes the misconduct of a child is quite irritating and uncontrollable. At such times, parents must warn their child for such bad behavior. Warning and little punishment will make him alert and afraid to behave that way form next time. Slapping and beating will not work, so do not try them at all. Just ignore the child and make him sit at a place telling him not to move here and there.

Pay no attention to them

Mother is looking for her daughter

When you have punished your child for misbehaving, just do not pay attention to him. Leave him alone so that he feels what he has done and what he will get to repeat the same in the future. Next time he will think twice before doing anything wrong.


Although children are innocent, sometimes their misconduct can irritate you to the core. At such times, it is necessary to teach them a good lesson by doing effective time- outs with them.

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