Encouraging Words That Help To Make Your Child More Positive


As children begin to grow out of the infant stage and become toddlers, they start to see the world from a different perspective. They start to explore their surroundings and learn to navigate through the complex world of social interactions. There are a plethora of different techniques parents adopt knowingly or unknowingly that directly impact their child’s growth in the short and long term. Using encouraging words to motivate your kids to have healthy positive relations, is undoubtedly best investment in your child’s future.


Child-More-PositiveParenting can be a complex task and can easily get confusing at times. The infant you were taking care of has grown to be a person, and parents often find themselves at a  loss regarding what to say to them at respective situations. However, we do not immediately start treating them as one. We still order them around because we know what’s best for them.

It may feed a lot of negativity over the years and make it difficult for them to be kind to other people in their lives. You should strive to find nice things to say to your child in the appropriate tone. This makes them feel valued and project the same vibes to everyone they interact with.

Encouraging words

Child-More-PositiveAt such an impressionable age, the child craves for a parent’s approval. Hence whatever we as parents decide to do impacts them for a long time to come. Encouraging words can help them be the best version of themselves. Phrases like “ I am proud of you” and “ I trust you” are examples of positive language. We will get to more of these phrases later in the article. For now, let’s take a look at things we can change in general about how we can ad

Don’t use “Don’t”

Child-More-Positive-The concept of “don’t” is not understood very well by children. It is suggested instead to use positive language to convey the same meaning. Instead of saying “don’t break the line” you can use “Will you make sure the line is intact?”. Thus, instead of telling them what not to do, tell them what you would rather have them do. It is not just about replacing phrases with positive comments, it is also about giving them access to a richer, more sensible language to utilize.

Invite, don’t command

Child-More-PositiveAnother excellent way of making positive comments is to completely obviate giving orders from your daily conversations. Replace it with polite invitations, like you would invite an adult. This helps the child feel valuable and capable. These translate directly into how a toddler perceives himself/herself and factors in on the toddler’s self-confidence. Instead of saying “Put it away”, you can say “ Can we put this away, so no one stumbles over it?”

Instead of saying “Get your bag”, you can say “Where is your bag?”. This kind of inclusive language conveys a feeling of togetherness. If you don’t understand what to say, stick with this method since it fosters a teamwork attitude.

Difficulties in the approach

Child-More-PositiveIt’s understandable that it is hard to break out of developed communication methods. To change orders into requests, but it is worth it in the long run. Often times, you may hit a brick wall as you wouldn’t know how to say a particular phrase without using an imperative tone. Try to research similar phrases online. Once you learn the phrase you will retain it.

Nice things to say to your child


Below is a small list of positive comments that you can try to imbibe in your daily conversations to have effective conversations with your little one:

  • I love spending time with you.
  • Your (insert quality here) is your greatest strength
  • Your hard work seems to have paid off very well.
  • I admire your imagination.
  • Your confidence is contagious

 8 Things your children need to hear more from you

Young children learn a lot of things from what they hear from their parents. So, it’s important to know what you should speak more in front of your little ones. Young children learn a lot by hearing from their parents. So, make sure to add these sayings to your kid-conversation-list. Here are 8 great things to tell them more often.

8 Great Things to Say to Your Small One

Love Yourself

Love YourselfMany undesired things a human does when he has forgotten to love his own self. Teaching your children to love themselves will make them feel content and truly happy from inside.

Don’t Give Up

Perseverance is an important life quality. Many times, your little one might come across a challenge that instead of taking everything from her cannot be completed. At this time, she is motivated to change her course or just give up. “Don’t give up,” works extremely well at such situations and lets her bring out her extra potential.

Good Choice

The biggest accomplishment for children is to make independent choices. This helps them in getting ready for tough situations and makes them to better use their brains. Telling them that you appreciate their choice inspires them to be more careful next time they decide something entirely themselves.

Have Fun

Have Fun

Everyone loves to enjoy. Telling your kids to have fun whether they’re playing outside with others or while purchasing a new toy, never goes out of fashion.

I am Proud of You

Children love to hear this from their parents. It motivates towards accomplishing things that can get them more of this. Sometimes all of their accomplishment chasing is just for getting your approval. So, be proud of them and let them know.

I am Sorry

If you wish to teach taking responsibility to your junior, then you need to display it right in front of her. Apologizing in front of your kid after she has noticed you making a mistake makes your more humble and teaches her a life lesson.

I Love You

I Love You

Nothing is better than bluntly explaining your affection towards someone with “I Love You.” Kids, who are basically love-seekers, simply crave to hear these 3 magical words from their parents.

Nobody’s Perfect

We can be good at many things but probably flunk at several others. This is summarized intelligently in “Nobody’s Perfect.” Make sure to say this often to your child to help her understand the imperfect nature of the world.


Encouraging words have the power to change the course of any interaction. It can change relationships one step at a time. True that this process is not an easy one and won’t be seeing your desired results any time soon, but it is definitely worth the efforts and the wait. Your actions today are your child’s memories tomorrow. Children are seeds maturing into budding plants. Make sure you water this plant each day and take care of it well, so that one day it grows up into becoming a fine and lush tree.

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