How To Make Your Children Love Sports


Technology is a wonderful thing. We all enjoy the use of the internet. It is not unusual to see a mom hand her toddler a smartphone to watch a favorite cartoon on YouTube, or to see kids of all ages staring down at their phones or tablets, even in a group. Technology has its place, but we cannot let our children fall victim to a sedentary lifestyle because all of their interests are online or on video game systems.

To be healthy, we all need exercise. This is especially important to a child who is still growing and developing. His body needs physical activity to be healthy. So, how do we get our children to turn off the computer and get into a sport? Let us give you a few tips.

Start young


If you have a 13-year old who has never been exposed to sports, they are likely to be nervous. This is already a difficult age and adding a sport to their life may be difficult. You certainly will have to work harder.

Start as young as possible. Even a toddler will have fun kicking a ball around the back yard or swinging a t-ball bat.

Make it fun

Introduce them to a sport before you take them to the ball field and sign them up. Show them how to play baseball, football, or soccer. Have fun with them.

Invite their friends along. Take a few of neighborhood children to the park and start a game. They will love playing with you, and they will love the attention you are showing them.

Give them options

Maybe you were a great swimmer as a child. You may have great memories of swimming laps. But, your child may have no interest in swimming. Let them try several things. They may be better at gymnastics, cheer, or dance. Take them to some shows and see what sparks their interest. Do not force them to do anything that they don’t want to do, but coax them into trying everything at least once.

Join in and be positive


You may not be able to be the coach, but you can attend the games, cheer your child and his team on, and take a turn supplying the refreshments.

Be positive and encouraging. Never criticize your (or anyone else’s) child over an error. If they are trying and giving it a good effort, they deserve praise.

Buy the right gear

If you are a golfer, you will not show up on the golf course with your friends with a worn out golf bag and only one or two clubs. If your child is going to be involved, they need the right gear.

If your son or daughter joined the dance team, and has stuck it out and is about to give a dance recital, buy them the costume. The best in performance wear from Alexandra Costumes are high-quality and reasonably priced. This is her moment to shine. Don’t let her down.

Chip in with the other parents and buy team tee shirts. You told them sports are special. This is a way to give them a pat on the back for going for it.

Being involved in sports allows a child to grow and be healthy. It teaches them sportsmanship and teamwork. It allows them to push their limits and see what they can achieve if they try. It’s never too early to get started. Now is a great time.

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