Thoughtful gift ideas for small babies

gift ideas for small babies

Buying gifts for small children or babies is never an easy assignment. Sure, they are generally too small to know what they have received, but similarly, their parents are well aware of what has been given – and to the parents, it is quite evident how much thought and intention has gone into the present. So, you are stuck between trying to get a gift for a person who is too small to know anything and their parents who think this little person is the most precious and important bundle in the world and for whom they would do anything. So, what do you get? It is fraught with perils and pitfalls all along the way, but here are a few ideas.


photoshoot for the parents and the baby

Making memories is one of the best gifts that you can give any person – no matter what their age. So, if making memories works with adults, why should it not be one of the best baby gifts possible as well. Sure, the baby won’t remember it, but that is why a picture frame and some picture is the answer. Perhaps you can even pay for a photoshoot for the parents and the baby. That way you will get professional quality images that will capture the joy and innocence of being a baby. The pictures will mean a lot to the parents, and to the child as they grow up, and they will hopefully always hold a sentimental place in the hearts of the family.

Practical items

Many people loathe buying practical gifts, but with babies, these are sometimes the most appreciated. Nappies are expensive, and so are some of the other practical necessities that a baby, or more specifically, a family with a baby, needs. Don’t be afraid to go there. It is not the most glamorous of gifts that you will ever give, but it helps with the budget. And if you really don’t want to buy nappies or similar, then go the gift voucher route and let the parents decide how they are going to spend the cash.

Something that matures

Something that maturesIt is often quite fun to give a gift that can mature with time and which can be enjoyed at a later stage. Port, wine or whiskey are great examples of drinks that can be gifted to a child on their birthday, but with the understanding that they should be kept being enjoyed on their coming of age birthday. There is something quite special about sitting down to drink a bottle of well-aged booze that has been waiting for you since the day you were born. Obviously, the goal of this gift is to ensure that the now grown up baby invites you back to enjoy the beverage with them.


There are very few children who don’t like teddy bears and you shouldn’t be afraid to gift one. It almost certainly won’t be the only bear that they have, or get, but that really doesn’t matter. Children love cuddly toys and even if the bear that you get is not their favorite, it will still end up being loved and adored.

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