Tips for raising an introverted child


If your child is reserved, stays inside a lot, doesn’t make many friends, and would rather stand back and enjoy than participate; it all sums up to the fact that your child is an introvert. If you are blessed with an introverted child, raising them might not come naturally to you if you are an extrovert.

It is not a difficult task to raise an introverted child, but if you are having troubles understanding and bonding with your child, here are few tips that can help you.

Understand what introversion is

what introversion is

You will not be able to deal with an introverted child if you don’t understand their personality. There are traits of introversion that you might find strange but are actually very normal. Learn about what introversion is and don’t get it confused by being shy. Once you understand them, then you will know how to best raise them to be a wonderful person.

Introduce them to new people and situations at a slow pace

Introduce them to new peopleOne of the things that can totally throw off your introverted child is throwing them forcefully in front of new people and places and expecting them to get on with it.

Give them their own time to get acquainted with the place and let them mingle with other children when they are willing to do so. You can either tell them beforehand about what kind of event it is going to be, the kind of people, there, and what to expect so that they can prepare themselves for it.

Help them be social

Help them be social

It is important to instill confidence and social skills in your child while they are young; so that they can do well in later life. And for that reason, you will need to help them be social. They will avoid going to social spaces and will practice caution; but, you can help them by giving them a positive talk and taking it slow.

Be your child’s support system

child’s support system

In a world full of extroverts, it is difficult being an introvert. Your child might not be getting any support from their peers and children and worse; they could be labeling your child’s introversion as being shy or lazy.
You need to provide the much-needed support they need to have someone to trust. It will help you build a strong relationship of trust and confidence, which is extremely important in a parent-child relationship.

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