Top 10 Gi Joe Action Figures

The 1960’s saw a revolution in the toy making industry when Hasbro Inc. came up with their line of G.I. Joe action figures depicting mighty soldiers of all four branches of the U.S. Armed forces i.e. Action soldier representing US army, Action sailor representing U.S. navy, Action Pilot for USAF and Action Marine representing U.S. Marine corps. The popularity of these action figures rose to the level that a G.I. Joe achieved the title of ‘The Real American Hero’! A G.I. became the most coveted boy toy, fascinating young boys all over the world with their barrage of accessories such as toy army vehicles and weaponry! It became the perfect birthday and Christmas gift. For many decades, it became redundant for parents to ask their sons what they wanted for birthdays and Christmas; their answer was pretty obvious.

1. Sgt. Slaughter
PRICE : USD 39.95

Sgt. Slaughter is an imaginary character from G.I. Joe toyline series. G.I.Joe: A real American Hero is a world famous toyline series featuring Sgt. Slaughter inspired from real life sergeant Alvin York. It started in mid-1980s when Hasbro attempted to appeal to a major chunk of audience by bringing in a big name from the red-hot race of specialized wrestling into their G.I. Joe line. Sgt. Slaughter is one of the most successful toy characters. The popularity is evident from the fact that various versions of this toy have been created so far.


The figure has best wrestling moves and its regular style with USA tank top. The non removable hat is its remarkable trait. It is accompanied with a whistle, baton and championship best as the main accessories.

It comes with amazing 25th century details.It has tremendous articulation and matchless details with perfect accuracy while capturing exciting heritage.

2. Stalker
PRICE : USD 8.67

Army Sergeant Lonzo R. Wilkinson code named Stalker is one of the few characters from the first line of G.I. Joe toy series to have a distinctive appearance than the other action figures. This owing to the fact of his being African American. So far, over nineteen figures of stalker have been released. Stalker gives the appearance of an agile and stout soldier.


3 weapons on an articulated action figure mounted on a display base.

The display base burgeons to the display ease and appeal.
The materials are highly durable and cope rough handling well.

3. Serpentor
PRICE : USD 11.65

Created from the mingling of DNA of multiple tyrants and deft military strategists, Serpentor possesses the skills of an ambitious and able leader and also a die-hard, adroit soldier. Doctor Mind bender in a breakthrough research in cloning which involved fusing together the DNAs of almost thirteen masterminds in history such as Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Attila the Hun, Philip II of Macedon and his son Alexander the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Vlad the Impaler, Hannibal, Genghis Khan, Grigori Rasputin, Montezuma, Geronimo, and Egyptian general Xanuth Amon-Toth, created the schizophrenic G.I. Joe marvel we know as Serpentor.


Made out of highly durable materials. Packs in a lot of action as the figure can endure rough handling. Above all, a lot of fun guaranteed.

A lot of detailing is involved in the figure’s outlook such as a glittery cape, a gold snake outfit and a neat looking vehicle.
A lot can be done with this figure with ample scope of extracting more and more fun and value from the toy.

4. Cobra Commander

Cobra Commander, a fictional character in G.I. Joe is a popular comic books and video games character as well. He is represented as the supreme leader of the terrorist organization so-called Cobra. An action film named as G.I. Joe: The rise of Cobra, was made in 2009 which was completely inspired by Cobra Commander’s character. Perfectly articulated Cobra leader has been made to mark and celebrate 25th anniversary of action series. The helmet of this action figure comes off easily which looks attractive. It’s colored all around its neck and there is a crater at its back to hold the gun in it.


The Cobra Commander Action figure comes with specific weapons and various other accessories. Action figure stand is also accompanied with this detailed action toy. They are best for children above 5 years of age.

It’s made up of durable material and each and every detailing has been crafted keeping in mind the strong and powerful character of Cobra leader.

5. Battle Android Trooper
PRICE : USD 11.01

The Battle Android Trooper is an imaginary robot in G.I Joe series. This robot is supposed to work for the evil organization monitored by the Cobra. This character is represented as a strong contender of the brutal Cobra army. The detailed B.A.T. comes with all its accessories and spare parts. It has been beautifully articulated keeping in mind each and every minor detail in mind and then sculpting them into its design. There are a huge number of up gradations made to its original design that was created in 1982.


This action figure has a see through plastic chest window. It comes with detachable arms and detachable pistol too. But detaching and fixing arms, pistol and holster repeatedly might loosen the entire toy set up.

The plastic chest window does not peel off like the original holographic chest sticker that use to curl and strip off.
It is one of the fantastic toy oh J.I. Joe collection which has been comprehensively crafted keeping in mind every miniature detail.

6. Baroness
PRICE : USD 10.95

This character is portrayed as another villainous character of the G.I Joe series. This character is related with enemy Cobra and she is represented as Cobra’s intelligence officer. She was brought into existence in G.I Joe: A Real American Hero series in 1982. A detailed action figure has been created keeping in mind her exact appearance in the series. She has long hair, absolutely black and she wears black framed glasses. She has been represented wearing lush black leather outfit.


Her tight outfit speaks for her character in the series. A MP-7 sub-machine gun is included as an accessory along with the villain.

It’s a nice recommended action figure for people who love to collect old cartoons and series characters.
The detailing of the toy is so in-depth that the evil character of the cartoon could be made out by just having a glance the toy.

7. Zartan

This fictional character in G.I Joe has worked for Cobra commander and is one of the key villain of the ser
ies. A new articulated version of zartan was released in 2007 to celebrate 25th anniversary of G.I Joe: A Real American Hero series. It’s a fully expressed action figure comes with quite a decent amount of accessories. The main accessories include a pistol, a falcon, a rifle, eye cover, two short blades, and hood etc.


You also get an option to have a bag, backpack, another head disguise and goggles too. Action figure has multiple joints at several places like neck, hips, knees, shoulders, wrists, elbows etc.

A flexible and comprehensive action figures with a large number of joints all over its body to impart movement to all the parts.
Adding this thoroughly designed action figure to your collection would definitely make you feel great.

8. Destro
PRICE : USD 3.33

It’s a fictional villainous character of G.I Joe series and its first version was released by Hasbro in 1983. First version was produced in silver vacuum metalized head and second in gold vacuum metalized head. Finally in 1993 they it was featured with a removable helmet. In the series DESTRO is featured as the supplier of weapons to COBRA, therefore its design is highly advanced. It’s a 3 ¾ inches figure toy that comes with accessories like weapons and clips etc.


The two versions are available one in Iron Grenadier gold mask theme and another in typical silver mask head.

Hasbro has created this figure with detailed articulations and modern design accompanied with quite a number of accessories.

9. Snake Eyes
PRICE : USD 19.99

Snake Eyes is another famous fictional character from G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero. It is basically a code name of a member of G.I.Joe squad. Not much has been reveled about this character except that he is a Former U.S. Army Special Force operator and he is a Master Sergeant. It marks its creation back to 1982 as a commando which was first created by Hasbro toys.


It is highly poseable figure which is sometimes accompanied by a small black base to stand on. It has got very flexible and distinguished waist movements which are improved as compared to its older versions.

The product is made up of highly durable material to impart long life to it. This action figure comes with few weapons to choose.
In-depth details and creativity have been given to it.

10. Croc Master
PRICE : USD 14.95

Take an alligator wrestler and a burglar alarm salesman and what do you get? You get Croc master, the founder of Guard-Gators Inc. an organization employing alligators in home security. Released first in 1987 as an action figure, a second croc master was released in 2004 as a piece of the Valour vs Venom.


The 25th anniversary pack also comes with a classic whip, crocodile and a new 44 magnum.

The articulating limbs, the design and colour, all are made to taste and are catchy and attractive.
The character has a unique persona in itself.

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