5 – Unique Gifts for Young Moms

Unique Gifts for Young Moms

Everything changes after you have a baby! Moms know that better than anyone. Just because you have a baby, however, does not mean your entire identity changes. Immediately after birth, it’s exciting and useful to receive baby-centric gifts for birthdays and holidays.

But after one’s child enters the terrible twos and threes, a lot of moms want to return to a sense of normalcy and reestablish their sense of identity. It’s time for their gifts to reflect that again.

So when you’re shopping for a gift for a mother whose child has entered the toddler phase, consider these 5 unique gift ideas.

1. Post-Partum Yoga

Post-Partum Yoga

The benefits of yoga cannot be overstated, but did you know that new mothers especially can benefit from regular yoga practice? That’s right: post-partum yoga is known to yield great benefits for new and old moms alike. A few of the benefits include alleviation of aches and pains and better sleep.

General yoga promotes relaxation and better muscle control and flexibility all around. Yoga aimed at new moms, referred to as post-partum yoga, provides the added bonus of targeting muscles involved in childbirth and caring for a baby. Regular practice will tighten up the pelvic floor, as well as any tightness in the neck and shoulders as a result of breast-feeding.

2. Fake Diploma

For moms of toddlers, the inevitability of their child entering school or daycare looms ever nearer on the horizon. The young moms in your life may or may not be eager to return to work or find something to fill their days once their little one enters daycare or kindergarten.

After maternity leave or even years off the job hunt, returning to the working world is a tall order. A lot of young moms may be worried about their qualifications or being able to explain the time spent off work. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding motherhood and career-building. Moms need to do all they can to distinguish themselves in the market.

It’s daunting to have to reestablish your career and your qualifications to all the right people. A fake diploma for the young mother in your life is a great way to help hurry along the process and take some of the burden off them in the ensuing job hunt.

3. Food Gift Baskets

Food Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are an ingenious way to customize gifts for your friends and family. They are perfect for any occasion, and they are totally unique from person to person. There is no way to go wrong with a gift basket stuffed to the gills with treats. Everybody eats, and who doesn’t love food?!

Make sure you’re tailoring your gift basket to the mother in question. Identify their favorite treats: are they a sweet or savory type of gal? A little of both, maybe? Then, visit a local craft store to buy a lovely little basket to store your goodies. (You can scour the clearance aisle for baskets. You’re bound to find one that looks nice.) A nice touch is some shredded paper to cushion the bottom. Then, get some fancy plastic and a fun ribbon to tie it all together. Voila!

4. Toddler Swing

The best gift you can give a young mother to a toddler is the gift of knowing they can leave their child alone for a moment without worrying that they’re going to be getting themselves into trouble. Honestly and truly, a moment of silence is the greatest gift of all for moms, though they might be reluctant to say as much.

A toddler swing of either an indoor or outdoor variety is a clever way of occupying a child’s time and mind. There is little opportunity for themselves to get into trouble, and they can have a great time bouncing around in the swing. They think it’s the equivalent of an amusement park ride. For young moms, it’s basically a ten-minute spa retreat of silence and meditation…until the kid gets bored again. And then they’re on their own, but you did what you could!

5. Running Stroller

Running StrollerFor those looking to pamper the young mom in their life with something a little higher-end, look no further than the running stroller. Most prams aren’t suited for paces quicker than a brisk walk. They’re inflexible and don’t turn easily. For the highspeed mom, they can be stifling.

Fortunately, there is an array of running strollers to choose from! If your jogging mom doesn’t have one already, you should definitely take the plunge and gift her one today. They totally change the game when it comes to fitness as a young mother. Plus, it gets momma and child out of the house and into the fresh air. Win win for everyone!

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