Your baby’s name can be a definition of his or her personality

baby’s name

As the famous quote of Romeo and Juliet states – ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’ While we choose a name for a newborn child, we may have a particular reason behind our choice. For some, it could be in the memory of their loved ones that meant the world to them, for others, the reason could be that they like that name, while there are a few that  take the support of astrology and numerology.

The interlink between name, its meaning and the personality of the child

baby’s name

Choosing a name for a child is not just about a name, it is a lot more than that. The name your child gets is linked to his or her personality. Behind every name that exists around the world, there is a hidden meaning. However, even behind that hidden meaning there is a strong connection to your child’s personality.

Choosing a name based on factors

baby’s name

Various factors actually play a vital role behind every name. While astrology, numerology, popularity, emotions and meaning are vital, other factors such as its origin, significance, uniqueness, family heritage etc also matter. The name should reflect the personality of the child and it should be as per their sun sign and time of birth.

The name defines the life path

baby’s name

The name of a child not only gives him or her an identity but it also influences the way his or her life will go. Right from the choices they make, to their love life and even their choice of career, everything that defines or makes his or her personality is linked in one way or the other to the name that is given.

Choosing names as per cultural traditions

baby’s nameEvery culture that exsists today has their own ways of choosing a name for a newborn. If you take the Indian form of choosing a name, the first letter of the name is based on astrological calculations. These calculations are done depending on factors like, the place of birth, the time of birth, the ancestral origins and even the planetary positions during the time of the birth.  The name also defines the reaction of children. For example, if your child does not like his or her name, you can easily notice it based on their reactions. Similarly, if a child truly loves his or her name, the way they react to it will be very positive.

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