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Dating tips for single parents

Are you a single parent, struggling with the idea of balancing your personal life and giving importance to your kid? Do you feel that dating is something that has completely vanished from your life? Well, probably it is time to take a closer look at your

10 Best gifts for moms to be

You get to hear the joyous news of your close relative or a friend getting pregnant and it is time for the baby shower party. While most of the attention goes on the new born, sometimes a mom-to-be also needs equal attention and pampering. A pregnant mot

7 Parenting tips for a dad of twins

Being a father is a happy experience for most men. But being a father means a lot of responsibilities too, as it includes taking care and providing care and affection for your baby. The responsibilities increase several folds for fathers of twins, sometim

9 Parenting tips for new fathers

Fatherhood is exciting and expectant fathers have a pre-conceived notion about their role of being a parent. Becoming a father can be both a challenging and a happy time for you. While you may think that a bond between a mother and child is intense, the f

10 Parenting tips to become successful fathers

Being a parent is often a delicate and challenging role. Successful parenting ensures child’s over all well being and encourages a child to realize his/her true potential and become successful. The keys for a successful parent-child relationship are inv

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