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avoid bad playdates (1)

Some tips that can help you avoid bad playdates for your kid

While you may have disciplined your child, not every kid is raised in the same manner and environment. It is ...

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messy room habits

Tips to help you steer your kids away from their messy room habits

Do your children keep their room messy and refuse to clean it? Do you find their clothes and toys lying ...

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fashionable beautiful woman with bright make-up

Helping your teenage daughter shape her style sense

You must have dressed your daughter as a kid in your own style. It must be a pleasure to see ...

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Sweet Woman

New year resolutions that every mom should make

At the beginning of every year, all of us make several resolutions that only stay as resolutions as the time ...

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negatively affect your kids

Quit these bad habits that can negatively affect your kids

If you feel that your habits do not put an influence on your child, then you are wrong. Kids tend ...

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Girl sleeping with her teddy

It is important to ensure that your children get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep can give your children good health.If you detect that your children have issues in their sleeping ...

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Strict father punishes his son. Isolated on white background

Being tough is okay: Rules and restrictions are necessary for children

We all know the importance of rules and restrictions, here is how you can implement them and teach your child ...

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Motivate your kids (3)

Motivate your kids, don’t nag

We are pretty sure that you do not want to damage the self-esteem of your child and kill the spirit ...

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Crying little girl

What parents can do when dealing with resistive children

Every child goes through this phase in childhood, they seem to enjoy resisting you. You have to keep your cool ...

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old school parenting

The new ways of old school parenting

There is something inviting about the past, a golden tint that reflects even on the present like shimmer of rays ...

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New age parenting for our new world

A new trend is overwhelming our idea of the way we think of and look at the entire act of ...

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Mother with son eating apples and discuss

The cyber wars for ‘mothering’

Parental wars have reached new heights and they are on their way to claim last of the turfs on the ...

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